London-based rock quartet Childhood was created by guitarist and vocalist Ben Romans-Hopcraft and second guitarist Leo Dobsen in 2010 while attending university in Nottingham. They soon added fellow students Daniel Salamons on bass and Chris O'Driscoll on drums to complete their original lineup.

Their sound drew early comparisons to the likes of Stone Roses and Primal Scream as well as many shoegaze bands, fitting alongside rising acts such as Savages and tourmates Palma Violets, and receiving early recognition in the British press.

Lush, sonically-infused, scarily melodic, boisterous and brimming with a dreamy wanderlust that set them apart from the rest of the new bands on the scene, it set the tone for what was to follow; their fantastic debut album, ‘Lacuna’, recorded with legendary South London producer Dan Carey. Exhibiting the band’s undeniably varied influences and tastes, it highlights what can only be described as a super exciting new talent, prepared to explore and experiment, all the while managing to carve out their individuality. This performance at Live at Leeds comes ahead of a second record.

You can see Childhood perform at When The Gramophone Rings Stage > The Lending Room: 23:00.