Connie Constance

Connie Constance


At just 21 years of age, Connie’s aura surpasses the time she’s been on this planet. She wanted to create music for her generation that breathes escapism from the cuts and bruises of young British life, penning lyrics on buses and trains. Her style owes as much to Pete Doherty's old school off key dialogue as Erykah Badu’s freestyle soul.

“20-year-old singer Connie Constance isn't afraid of the dark, if her debut single is anything to go by. Not only is she singing about being up to her knees in grass, totally on her own in the dead of night, but she's also roaming a sparse, gloomy sonic landscape laid out for her by R&S -signed producer Blue Daisy. The pair of Londoners have made magic together, weaving pitch -shifted vocals with Connie's own raspy, distinctly London-accentedvoice.”

- Fader Magazine - Track Premiere of Stars

You can see Connie Constance perform at Belgrave Music Hall: 20:00.